Protect your phone



What it does


Unique properties based on 4 coating ingredients

Repels moisture, condensation, rust, dirt, grease

Oil based food-grade coating

Apply once every 6 months

Transparent liquid

A small aerosol aluminium canister

Made in the Netherlands

How it works

How to buy

10ml consumer pack
(includes cleaning cloth & instruction leaflet)

Display box
(contains 12 x 10ml packs)

Outer box
(contains 8 x display boxes ie. 96 x 10ml consumer packs)

Our zøem™ spray products are currently sold and available for the Mainland Chinese market.
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The technology
1. What chemicals does the spray contain?
It contains four food grade compounds, and contains no titanium dioxide, which is found in many other sprays.
2. Where is the coating made?
It is produced in The Netherlands, EU
3. How many times should I spray the phone?
We recommend once every 6 months with maintenance spraying on the ports with wear and tear(e.g microphone and charger port).
4. Will the spray waterproof my phone?
We recommend that you do not swim with your phone, or dunk it in water. But should you by accident drop it in water, the spray if used correctly will allow your phone to continue to function.

Our zøem™ spray packaging is sealed with a high security label containing features used for monetary, high end goods, and high value tickets for protection purposes.

The security features of the label are so sophisticated that they cannot be copied.

With this anti-counterfeit label we want to guarantee that you buy our original zøem™ spray product.

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How many times should I spray my smartphone with zøem™ spray?

We recommend once every 6 months with maintenance spraying on the ports with wear and tear (e.g. microphone and charger port).

Where is zøem™ spray made?

It is produced in The Netherlands, Europe.

What does zøem™ spray contain?

It contains various compounds also used in food related industries.

Will the spray protect my phone from water damage?

We recommend that you do not swim with your phone, or dunk it in water. But should your smartphone accidently be exposed to a splash of water, humidity or moisture, the spray if used correctly will prevent harm to your smartphone. When a smartphone is completely dismantled and all electronic components/connectors can be sprayed the phone will become water resistant to a higher degree.

When a smartphone is sprayed inside the battery storage area, SIM card and electronic parts the smartphone will become water impact protected (splash proof).

Can I apply it myself?

Yes, to make your smartphone protected for water impact you can apply it yourself with our 10ml can. For a higher degree of water impact protection your phone would need dismantling for which we advise to go to a professional repair shop if you are not able to do this yourself.

Will it protect my smartphone from corrosion?

Yes, not only that, it will improve it’s life in humid environments!

Can I use the zøem™ spray in really hot or cold environments?

Yes, it maintains its features and benefits when exposed to reasonable temperature differences -40°C to 70°C.

What sizes do the canisters come in?

We have a basic consumer 10ml can, a 100ml can (for repair stores) and a 250ml industrial use size.

zøem™ spray vs. water resistant smartphones?

Different strategies are available to water protect your smartphone. Most water resistant smartphones use polymer/rubber rings as an attempt to protect the device from water damage. However, these rings have reduced elasticity after a short while, or when a phone is opened or the charger port is constantly used, which all mean that smartphones are likely to be water damaged. With a spray like zøem™, it is easier to maintain water resistance as opposed to replacing polymer/rubber rings.

Water resistant smartphones warranty, what do they say?

Have a closer look at the warranty small print the next time you are considering purchasing an expensive smartphone, although it may advertise it is waterproof, if you do water damage it, almost all smartphones do not cover water damage under their 1 year hardware warranty. First, don't get your smartphone wet on purpose. Smartphone manufacturers’ warranty still doesn't cover water damage, and there's always a chance the phone could take in liquid. Yes, they will know if water was the cause of death. Buried inside your smartphone is a liquid contact indicator, a small sticker that changes colors if it comes into contact with water.

Can I use zøem™ spray on my smartphone camera lense?

Do not use zøem™ spray on camera lenses, flashlight or screen. It is designed for usage on electrical and electronic components within your smartphone.

Can I use zøem™ spray on my laptop computer or other electronic devices?

Yes, you can use the spray on other electrical and electronic devices which may help to increase the water resistance and corrosion prevention of them. Although we have limited test data on this, we know that it will not harm other electrical and electronic devices, we do advise though to keep the spray away from screens and camera lenses.

What if my smartphone does get wet?

If it does get damp, unplug any cables and do not attempt to charge it or plug anything into the connector for at least five hours, nor do try to switch it on. You want the smartphone to be completely dry before introducing electricity. Refrain from opening the SIM tray as well, since that can give water a way into the inner workings. To dry the device, wipe off the outside with a soft cloth. Stand it up and gently tap it on your hand to shake out any water that's pooled inside. Do not try and dry the port by probing it with a wadded up bit of paper or a cotton bud. That's a bad idea. Next, leave it out someplace with good airflow. Don't try and speed up the process with a hair dryer. Placing it in rice won't make the process go faster, and the grain can actually damage the port. A cool fan pointed at the port is fine, but beyond that it's just a matter of patience.

What does zoem™ terms of business say about the above FAQs?

zoem™ spray has been tested to IPX4, which means your smartphone is covered for splash resistance. Unfortunately, because of the many unintended usages and variable applications of zoem™ spray on smartphones, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by water to smartphones. More details are covered in our terms of business also on

Terms of Business of My Phone (H.K.) Limited (“zøem”)

Refunds Due to the nature of our business we are unable to offer refunds where the zøem™ coating has already been applied to the customer’s device.

Data Loss zøem shall not be liable for any loss, damage, corruption, or alteration of any files, folders, data, programs or any of your confidential, proprietary, business, and/or personal information or removable media (“Data”). Should zøem be used on any electrical and electronic product for water repellency reasons, the same liability clauses apply.

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